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Biscayne Bay

Located just minutes from Miami Intl. Airport, this amazing place is approximately 35 miles long & 10 miles wide and divided into three parts such as North Bay, Central Bay and South Biscayne Bay. It is home to many different species, such as Bonefish, Snook ,Tarpon, Permit, and many different species of Sharks. 


Urban Jungle

This type of fishing takes place in urban neighborhoods in South Fl. as well as in the Everglades. These canal waterways are the only place in the United States that remains warm year round for the exotic species such as Peacock Bass, Cichlids, Tilapias, and Jaguar Guapote. Aside from the exotics, its also home to its native fish, such as Largemouth Bass, Gars, Panfish, Snook and Tarpon. While fishing this Urban Jungle there's always the big Iguanas sunbathing and many different kind of exotic birds like Peacocks, Parrots and Macaws.


The Everglades

Also known as the River of Grass, The Everglades is about 1.5 million acres large. The mosaic of habitats found within the greater Everglades ecosystem support an assemblage of plants and animal species not found elsewhere on the planet . Made up of mainly freshwater the Everglades has brackish water and at its most southern region saltwater. The Largemouth Bass thrive here to large numbers as well as size. Snook, Tarpon, Redfish call this place home as well. A day out in the Everglades is a true adventure. While fishing, chances on seeing Alligators and Saltwater Crocodiles are very good . This is the only place in the world where both these reptiles coexist together.

Meet the Captain

Captain Albert Hernandez


I was born and raised in Miami,FL. and have been fishing since the age of 5 around local fishing ponds and canals. When I was a little older my mother would drive me all over the Everglades & the FL. Keys where we would spend endless hours catching tarpon, snook and snappers. As soon as I was able to drive I was already working on local charter fishing boats. In 1995 I acquired my 100 ton Captains license in which I use to charter my own boats as well as working on many other Sportfishing yachts. I was fishing all over the U.S., Bahamas and the Caribbean for tournaments and pleasure. With all the traveling and fishing I’ve done, my true love is in Biscayne Bay and the Everglades. It is so vast, beautiful and so many different species of fish makes this place very special. With 25+ years as a licensed Capt. let me show you the best South FL. has to offer in fishing and fun in the sun.


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Trip Price

$200 deposit required to secure trip. Deposit is non refundable if canceled after 2 days before trip unless Captain cancels due to weather. Maximum 2 anglers. $50 each additional person. Bait is not included for the Urban Jungle charters, but will be provided. Live Shiners average $8 per dozen. An average trip will require 6 to 8 dozen.

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